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Spring talk with Amila: Story of how team work makes the dream work.

In our first spring talk, we had a chance to sit down with one of mechanical engineers Amila Tabaković and talk about her experience with Argerr.  She shares details about her career so far and talks about growth opportunities in this industry. It is always a thrill to see our team members thriving and we are happy to share yet another story of success.  

Can you share a bit about your journey with Argerr so far and how you started your career here?

I heard about Argerr back in my college days when we, as students, were looking for companies to find internship opportunities. Unfortunately, I didn't intern at Argerr, but I gathered a lot of positive feedback from other colleagues. I say unfortunately because I only heard words of praise from others, and I also saw professional growth among my colleagues who decided to make Argerr their first step in their careers. A few years after the internship, I received an offer to join the Argerr team. Now, I'm glad to be here and to be in a healthy environment with young and ambitious people.


What aspects of your job do you find most interesting but also challenging?

When we work on new projects in areas where none of us have had much previous experience is what stands out for me. In these situations we explore our options together, learn new things, and develop new ideas. The day passes by quickly because we're doing something interesting and out of ordinary. Argerr is always creating opportunities for us to leave our comfort zones and that is where growth happens.


Is there a particular project or achievement at Argerr that you are especially proud of?

Since I'm still relatively new here, I don't work completely independently on projects just yet. Usually, there are colleagues with more experience to help. I could highlight a project related to pipelines because I hadn't worked in that area before. It was very interesting and exciting to explore new things.


How would you describe the work culture and atmosphere at Argerr?

Regarding the work culture and atmosphere at Argerr, I was initially surprised, but now I realize it was in a positive way for sure. Since I'm relatively new to Argerr, my previous experience was completely different. I especially liked the relationship between my colleagues and our leadership team; it's wonderful and relaxed. I can freely say that I feel relaxed and comfortable with them, and we're always there for each other, whether it's business or personal matters. During breaks, we share our experiences, advise each other, laugh, and spend time together. In terms of the business aspect, we can learn a lot from each other, and I certainly have. My favourite part are the birthdays at Argerr, since we are a small team, these occasions really feel like family events. We often buy themed gifts related to our hobbies. It's great to be on good terms with the people you work with because we do spend the most time together during the day. So, I can say that ever since I joined Argerr I come to work with a smile on my face, looking forward to seeing the team and start the day! 


What does a typical day look like in your current role?

The first thing in the morning is, of course, checking messages, emails, and coordinating with colleagues if there's anything urgent to finalize regarding pending projects. If not, we gather for a quick morning coffee, where we chat about different things. After that, we continue with daily tasks related to the projects we are covering. I share an office with three other colleagues, so we coordinate projects together. Around noon is our lunch break, the part of the day we all look forward to the most. 😊 We try to eat healthy, bring lunch from home, and during the break, we exchange interesting recipes daily. There are always interesting things to talk about over coffee, so there's always something to learn. After coffee, each of us returns to our duties and tasks. We often hold smaller meetings during the day to consult with each other regarding projects.


How do you stay motivated and engaged in your work, especially during challenging times?

Definitely with the help of my colleagues. We're a young team, striving to progress and learn as much as possible. Even if there are difficult moments, we're there to motivate each other.


Were there any skills or lessons you learned at Argerr that had a significant impact on your professional growth?

Certainly. The projects are completely different from what I've worked on before, so it's nice to learn new things. I believe it's a great advantage as a young person to be able to work in various industries. Among other things, here at Argerr, we encounter different projects, so each new project is a new experience.


How do you approach problem-solving and collaboration within your team?

Through my previous experience, I wasn’t fortunate to experience much teamwork; I mostly worked solo on projects, listening to and following the guidelines of my superiors. However, the situation at Argerr is a bit different. Often, we're dealing with somewhat larger projects, so we consult with each other. Many of us often work simultaneously on one project, so we must work as a team. Initially, I thought I wouldn't cope and that it wouldn't work well because, as we all know, people are different; everyone has their opinions, and disagreements can arise. I was happy to see we function well as a team, constantly communicating and discussing. As I mentioned earlier, I've learned a lot from my colleagues, and I thank them for that. I hope we'll have more successful projects in the future and continue to get along as we have so far.


Can you share a funny or interesting anecdote from your time at Argerr?

Yes, of course! As we are all big foodies in Argerr, one day we declared pancakes day! Our CEO is famous for his pancakes, so he made a fresh batch for the entire team. Never a dull, or a moment without food in Argerr :D


How do you think Argerr stands out in terms of its work and impact on the industry?

Through my experience at Argerr so far, I've seen that we strive to keep up with the latest trends in both engineering and production. Unfortunately, many companies in the country don't have such standards, but when it comes to Argerr, our leadership team always strives to keep us up to date. Since Argerr is still a young company, it's noticeable how much effort has been put into both engineering and production.


What motivates you to give your best every day, and how do you contribute to your team's success?

Since I was a child, I dreamed of finishing college and working in my area of studies. Towards the end of my studies, I realized what exactly I wanted to do, and currently, this job description fits that vision perfectly. Currently, at Argerr, I'm trying to understand projects as best I can and do my part of the work well. I feel happy and fulfilled when I'm satisfied with my work, and then the people around me, my colleagues and superiors, are satisfied.


Have you participated in any training or development programs at Argerr that are particularly useful for your career? Looking ahead, are there any professional goals you aim to achieve at Argerr?


Not yet, as I'm still relatively new here, but I hope to in the future. My colleagues have already undergone various training programs, and from their experience, I'm eagerly looking forward to participating in something beneficial for my career and for Argerr's development. I am also excited for every new project coming our way and can’t wait to see where Argerr takes me next!

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