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Navigating Professional Growth: Hasan's Journey at Argerr

Step into the professional journey of Hasan as he shares his experiences and growth within the dynamic landscape of Argerr. From the initial on-boarding to overcoming challenges and thriving in a collaborative environment, Hasan gives insights into his transformative year.

Discovering Argerr

How did you first learn about Argerr and what aspects of the company attracted you the most initially, motivating you to become part of the team? How long have you been with the team?

I first came across Argerr in April 2023 during my search for my first job experience. The company not only offered an internship but also the potential for permanent employment. Commencing the internship in April, I secured a position in July, marking my journey with Argerr at nine months and counting. What intrigued me most was the company's commitment to professionalism, adherence to European standards, and an overall organizational ethos.

Memorable Impressions

Can you share a specific moment or aspect of Argerr that left a strong impression on you when you joined?

While there isn't a singular moment that stands out, it's the pervasive atmosphere of professionalism and organization combined with a laid-back ambiance and sense of friendship among colleagues that left an enduring impression.

Navigating Challenges and Turning Points

Thinking about your journey in Argerr, are there specific challenges or turning points that significantly influenced your professional growth?

Embarking on this chapter at Argerr as a student without prior professional experience has been transformative. The past nine months have constituted an exponential surge in my professional growth. Fortunately, the journey has been smooth, with the support of experienced colleagues who willingly share their knowledge, mitigating any potential challenges.

Evolution of Role and Skills

How has your role evolved over time, and what skills or knowledge have you gained during your time at Argerr?

Joining Argerr as a student with little work experience has equipped me with a spectrum of skills and knowledge. From technical proficiencies directly tied to Argerr's field to the invaluable soft skills and teamwork abilities, this journey has been a holistic learning experience. The company's emphasis on job organization and task execution has been instrumental in this process.

Collaborative Dynamics at Argerr

Can you explain in more detail how the team collaborates at Argerr? How do team dynamics and relationships contribute to the success of projects?

Collaboration within the team transcends project boundaries, revolving around a collective approach to problem-solving. Whether we're individually involved in a project or not, encountering challenges prompts a joint effort. This not only expedites solutions but also fosters confidence and minimizes stress, particularly in the face of intricate projects.

Team Collaboration & Project Success

Can you describe a moment from your experience at Argerr where effective collaboration within the team played a crucial role in achieving the project's goals?

One noteworthy aspect of Argerr is its collective response to unique client tasks. In instances where complexity arises, the entire team pools its expertise to swiftly and effectively address the challenge. This unified problem-solving approach not only streamlines the process but also ensures high-quality outcomes.

Investment in Employee Development at Argerr

In your experience, how does Argerr invest in the development of its employees? Are there mentorship programs or learning opportunities you can mention?

My journey at Argerr started as a student navigating the final academic hurdles. Our CEO as well as the Lead Engineer not only permitted but actively endorsed the completion of my thesis during working hours. In my final thesis project, I explored the practical application of 3D scanning within the process of reverse engineering. This academic journey culminated in a successful defense just recently, where I presented my findings and ideas with the invaluable support of the entire Argerr team. Their encouragement not only played an important role in the positive outcome of my defense but also highlighted the collaborative and supportive atmosphere that characterizes our workplace.

Maintaining a Positive Work Culture

How do employees collectively contribute to maintaining a positive and recognizable work culture at Argerr?

Argerr's positive work culture is rooted in an environment that values both professionalism and a relaxed atmosphere. While meeting project deadlines is paramount, the emphasis on effective organization alleviates any sense of undue pressure. We usually spend our lunch breaks together, sharing personal and professional updates with each other and there is always something interesting shared and discussed. Just recently, as we moved to a new office, we got our space for these coffee sessions where we chat along every day and this definitely keeps us moving throughout the week.

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