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Interview with Mahir Tahirović - Exploring Passion, Innovation, and Growth at Argerr

Meet Mahir Tahirović, a valued member of the Argerr team. In this interview, Mahir shares insights into his role, experiences, and the unique aspects of working at Argerr.


What aspects of your job in Argerr fulfill you the most, and in which tasks do you enjoy the most?

"Every day, working with my team brings me fulfillment. I especially enjoy projects that involve conceptualizing and designing new ideas in process plants."


Can you share a personal achievement or project that brought you a sense of pride?

"Despite being relatively new at Argerr, one project stands out – designing a staircase railing in a modern apartment complex in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This small-scale project allowed me to implement and see my own idea come to life, bringing a deep sense of pride."


How do you approach problem-solving in your work in Argerr?

"In Argerr, I've learned a unique approach to problem-solving – a team-oriented one. We believe that every problem is solvable; it's just a matter of looking at the situation from multiple perspectives. Our teamwork and collaborative approach make problem-solving effective."


Are there specific tools or technologies that you find particularly useful in your daily tasks?

"Understanding and using various tools through software programs for efficient project completion is crucial. While I won't single out specific tools, the key is the proper application of each one. Understanding technology for joining elements is particularly important in many of our projects."


In your opinion, what makes the work culture at Argerr unique or special?

"The uniqueness of Argerr's team lies in various aspects. Firstly, the team or, better said, the closeness among colleagues is exceptional. Additionally, there's a seamless integration of personal and professional life, ensuring a healthy balance. This relaxed atmosphere fosters productivity and dedication."

How do you stay informed about trends and advancements in the industry to enhance your skills?

"Engaging in diverse projects and client requirements prompts exploration of new things, trends, and learning about industry advancements. Colleagues play a significant role – each team member brings in new perspectives, sharing knowledge to enhance our collective skills. Professional networks like LinkedIn also aid in connecting with experts and gaining new insights."


Can you recall a situation where you had to quickly adapt to meet project requirements?

"Before joining Argerr, my experience didn't involve projects related to production and curating new offers. However, with the team's need for expansion, I gladly accepted the challenge. I'm now learning and working daily on new aspects for which I hadn't had prior experience."


What motivates you to consistently strive for improvement in your work?

"Personal desire for progress and shared team goals motivate me. Being part of a healthy team with common objectives inspires individual progress. In a youthful team with shared goals benefiting everyone, motivation is inevitable, fostered by a supportive atmosphere."


Are there specific goals or milestones you want to achieve in your current role at Argerr?

"Goals are plentiful, and through daily teamwork, new ideas and aspirations for advancement continually arise. Progressing in every aspect and contributing to the team's development is my overarching goal. The satisfaction comes when new ideas lead to something novel for the team, yielding positive results."


Looking back at your time in Argerr, how do you think you have developed both professionally and personally?


"In a relatively short time at Argerr, I'm content with my achievements. Learning new things and working on projects I hadn't encountered before, I'm happy about the experiences gained. Anticipating more significant endeavors in the future, I'm excited about the forthcoming large projects."


Mahir's journey at Argerr shows the essence of growth, and collaborative success. As he reflects on his experiences, it becomes clear that the dynamic work culture at Argerr has been a catalyst for both his professional and personal development. Through diverse projects, supportive teamwork, and a commitment to excellence, Mahir exemplifies the spirit of Argerr's passionate and innovative approach to engineering solutions.

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