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Design & development

Argerr offers custom, tailored solutions aligned with client’s specific needs, all the way from the initial concept to the complete, final solution. We offer:

       Concept engineering
       Mechanical design/3D modelling
       GD & T
       Final design

Overarching aspects of all of these solutions is that they are innovative, cost effective and reliable.

Process & plant engineering

Argerr Engineering offers planning, development and implementation of industrial production facilities, for individual processes and systems or full production plants. Our team is skilled & experienced in both upgrading & enhancement of existing, or working on construction of a new industrial plant. 

Piping engineering

We provide a full range of piping design and engineering services for variety of industries, for both new & existing assets.. We have an extensive experience in helping clients in both executing new projects, and safely maintaining and modifying existing piping systems.


Computation & simulation

Our team is specialized in conducting FEA & CFD analysis. We give you insight into issues that are impacting your product & processes, offering you optimized & effective solutions. 

Manufacturing & construction

Cost effective, high quality, fast prototyping and low volume with precise CNC machining. 

CNC Machining

Argerr offers machining of prototypes and production parts for plastic and metal components for various industries.

Our competitive advantage for services in the CNC machining domain is reflected through:

  • Fast and accurate prototyping

  • Low volume production

  • High precision while maintaining fast and reliable delivery

  • Superior quality

  • Skilled operators, technical staff and engineers

Pillars of success


Fast Delivery



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