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Our story

Argerr was founded out of a desire to create a one-stop provider for clients who are seeking to work on solutions and products that will have major impact. The impact is reflected on the processes solutions are used in, environment they are brought to and lives they are implemented in.


Argerr Engineering nurtures creativity & innovation. We serve industry-leading clients worldwide, with focus on providing well designed solutions & quality products.


Our guiding star, that no client is too small or too big for us, brought us to the point where our brilliant employees are fully dedicated & committed to our projects. They are making sure the end results are top notch, timely solutions and a happy, successful business. 


Our vision

Argerr prides itself in having a team working with utter passion and offering top notch consulting services, research & development and CNC machining.

Nurturing innovation environment is one of our core values. We bring innovative mind-set for all of our clients, throughout the entire process – all the way from the initial concept & brainstorming, to the actual implementation.

Our customer-centric approach is led by belief that no client is too big or too small, and with innovation we can help all of our clients overcome pain points and challenges they have.


We see these processes integral to our day-to-day work and we are focusing on applying them in our two core segments of operating: Engineering & Manufacturing.  

Our mission

Become a preferred engineering solutions provider.

With our approach towards every single project, in collaboration with our clients, we aim to impact all aspects of life and improve processes in many different verticals. With innovation spearheading all of our efforts, we are strong advocates of change, and are embracing dynamic nature of life & technology.

We want to help small and big businesses keen on changing the world one step at a time, in turning their ideas into reality!

Discover How



  • People

    • Team of skilled & motivated engineers 

  • Equipment

    • Licences

    • Software

    • Powerful hardware

  • Partnerships

    • Extensive network & collaborations within the industry

    • Community relations

Development process


- Research & Analyses

    • Conducting research into the feasibility

    • Design

    • Operation & performance of mechanisms, components and systems

  • Planning

    • Planning & managing projects, costs & timing

    • Estimates reports & design specifications for maintenance of systems

  • Design & Development

    • Designing machines, components, tools, fixtures, equipment, products

    • Concept design

    • Mechanical design

    • 3D modelling

    • Geometrical dimensioning & tolerancing

    • Numerical simulation & calculation

    • Testing

    • Quality control


  • Satisfied clients

  • Influence on the industry

  • Career & indirect employment

  • Innovation


  • Top notch quality solutions

  • 3D files

  • Manufacturing files

  • Variety of analyses

  • Prototypes

CNC Machining


  • Submitting request for proposal and getting a quota

  • 3D drawings, 2D drawings and/or request for design

  • Development

  • Manufacturing


  • Planning & managing of each individual project

  • Costs estimations & timing forecasts

  • Estimates reports & design specifications for maintenance of systems

  • Optimization of production flow and line with a goal of improving efficiency and reducing costs

  • Tailoring of custom CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) programs


  • CNC Miling & Turning

  • Skilled & experienced engineers, operators & technical staff

  • Knowledge and expertise

Quality Control

  • Internally developed quality control processes & metrics

  • Trained and experienced engineers working on assuring quality of products and alignment to the tiniest details


  • Fast turnaround

  • Reliable solutions

  • Constant communication & support

  • Internal project management processes

ARGERR Worldwide

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